Six New Titles Launch From Blue Moon Publishers

6 New Young Adult and Middle Grade Books Hit the Shelves!

Today is an exciting day at Blue Moon Publishers: six brand-new titles are hitting the bookstore shelves all across Canada! From the latest instalment in a beloved fantasy series to a brand-new young adult horror-romance, this year’s young adult and middle grade releases are sure to appeal to readers of all genres. Check out our new titles, and help us congratulate our seasoned and debut authors!

Battledoors: The Golden Slate

The Battledoors Series, Book #1, by Brian Wilkinson

Life constantly seems to be wavering between really good and really bad for Owen, a lonely sixteen-year-old still reeling from the death of his mother and a move to Toronto. After ducking into an old bookstore to escape bullies, Owen discovers he can travel to a parallel, twisted version of the city using a magical tablet, where he is faced with a tougher decision at every turn. Is Owen ready to finally take control and become the protagonist of his own story?

Stir of Shadows

The Legend of Rhyme Series, Book #6, by Jaime Lee Mann

Marigold has never felt like she truly belonged with her family. And neither has Frederick. When a phoenix feather brings the young teens together for the first time, they understand why: they are twins, separated as children. Meanwhile, Teagan finds herself in a hopeless situation and faces losing her tail forever. It’s up to Asher and Ariana to save her… if only they knew she was in danger. Will Asher and Ariana save Teagan in time? Will Marigold and Frederick risk everything to make their dreams come true? And if they do, will the land of Rhyme ever be the same?

Flow Like Water

The Hit the Ground Running Series, Book #2, by Mark Burley

Eric’s search isn’t over. The conspiracy revealed by his parents’ research goes deeper than he imagined, and getting in won’t be easy. He’ll need help from his friends more than ever, but a personal sacrifice threatens to split the group apart. Overcoming physical and mental obstacles is built into Eric’s parkour training, but the farther he goes in his search, the greater the obstacles become. Whatever he encounters, Eric will have to be like water. And like water, he will flow or he will crash.

Immortal Creators

The Immortal Writers Series, Book #2, by Jill Bowers

Sixteen-year-old author Scott Beck never wanted to be an Immortal Writer—not after his father was killed attempting to dispatch his own villain. Scott blames Shakespeare and the Writers for his father’s untimely demise, but no amount of hatred will prevent the oncoming alien attack, which has come over to reality straight from Scott’s book. Will Scott be able to defeat the monsters he created, or will an odd sickness Scott calls his Writing Fever kill him before the aliens have the chance?

Medallion of Murder

The Nefertari Hughes Mystery Series, Book #3, by BR Myers

Still struggling with nightmares from the past summer, Terry tries to bury her secret guilt and enjoy Christmas with her family. But when a murdered man is found with a postcard addressed to her, Terry fears repercussions from that night in Egypt are becoming reality. Terry and Maude are quickly thrown into the hunt for a lost medallion, which possesses great power—and a gruesome destiny. But ghosts from Terry’s past are closing in quickly, and this time, they refuse to stay buried.


The Deadish Chronicles, Book #1, by Brian Wilkinson

Nora Edwards finally has everything she wants out of life, including the boy of her dreams, until that dream turns into a nightmare. Driving home from prom, Nora and Andrew are attacked by a supernatural creature that sucks the souls out of the living in order to feed. Nora escapes, but Andrew is not as fortunate. Nora gains something, however: the ability to see the dead, including Andrew. Now Nora, along with her living and dead allies in the Deadish Society, finds herself in a battle for her life— and the souls of her city.

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