Two New Literary Titles Launch From Blue Moon Publishers

2 New Literary Fiction Novels Hit the Shelves!

Today is yet another exciting day at Blue Moon Publishers, as two new literary fiction releases make their debuts! Both poignant and unforgettable, these novels are brought to us by first-time authors who certainly have a lot more in store. Check out our new titles, and help us congratulate our newest published authors!

The Innocent

The Beneath the Alders Series, Book #1, by Lynne Golding

In the year 1907, all of Brampton is present at the sod-turning ceremony for the Carnegie Library. After the event, the crowd rises to walk to the Presbyterian Church… Everyone except Jessie Stephens and her family. Her father will not allow them to enter the Presbyterian Church. No one will tell young Jessie the reason, but she learns that it has something to do with her grandfather. As she seeks to solve that mystery over many years, Jessie slowly begins to learn the history of her family and the town in which she lives. Her tales of everyday life in small town Ontario combine to craft a vivid portrait of a family that is, upon closer inspection, anything but ordinary.

Lynne Golding grew up in Brampton, ON, where she lives today. She obtained a BA in History and Political Science before studying law. She is now a senior partner at an international law firm, married with children to Tony Clement, and the winner of the Ontario Book Publishers Organization’s What’s Your Story? short prose and poetry competition.

Primrose Street 

By Marina L Reed

Welcome to Primrose Street, where neighbours share close interactions but know very little of each other. Only the maple trees that have lined the road for decades know their decisions, indiscretions, secrets, joys, and pains. From fifty-year residents Charlie and Cora and their grandson Ronald, to newcomer Sofia and her son Nicolas, to best friends Tabitha and Dayna, the residents of Primrose Street go about their daily lives, all the while remaining invisible to one another. Only when an invitation arrives in their mailboxes must the residents of Primrose Street decide whether to allow authenticity into their lives and neighbourhood or remain limited in their relationships and thereby to themselves.

Marina L. Reed has worked as a researcher and writer for CBC Television, written for journals and online education programs, and taught in public schools in Ontario, Europe, and the West Indies. She holds an M.A. in Journalism, an Honours B.A., and a B.Ed. She currently lives in Orangeville, ON

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