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Project Description

Year-Round Theatre & Arts in Stratford, Ontario

“In Theatre & Arts, the writers shed light on the immensity and diversity of the theatre and arts scene in Stratford, going beyond what many know Stratford for — the Stratford Festival — and exploring the creative talents on display and the cultural events that take place in the city year-round.”
-Galen Simmons, Stratford Beacon Herald


Stratford for All Seasons, Theatre & Arts, shares the immensity and diversity of the theatre and arts scene in Stratford, Ontario. It is extraordinary to have culture of this magnitude in a city with a population of approximately 32,000. Many of the 500,000 annual visitors to the city who attend the Stratford Festival, as well as many busy Stratfordites, are not aware of the countless cultural events available to them year-round. Stratford is not your pop-up tourist town. This quiet, scenic city in a rural setting has remained true to its roots even though thousands of people visit each year from around the world. Ever since the days of early settlement in the 1830s, Stratford has been a place where forward-thinking citizens seized opportunities to benefit their community.

This book is about the cultural happenings in Stratford that will make you say, “Wow.”

Written by travel writers Phyllis Hinz and Lamont Mackay, this book is a companion to others books in the Stratford For All Seasons series.