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Project Description

Turn Adversity into Advantage

“The struggles we will inevitably face can serve to strengthen us.”
-Chris Ruden, The Upper Hand

The Upper Hand

In life, we all face struggles, and we all handle these struggles differently. This book will help you overcome the adversities you currently face (and those you haven’t faced yet) by giving you the tools you need, to get The Upper Hand.

At its basic definition, winning The Upper Hand means to gain an advantage or control over a person or situation. The purpose of this book is not to put you in a winning position over another person. Plot twist. It’s to give you The Upper Hand over yourself.

This isn’t an answer book for how to live a happy life. Nah. You have to find the answers yourself. Besides, I don’t know what the future has in store for you. But I do know that you’ll have hurdles thrown at you that you didn’t see coming. And some of them will hurt more than others. This book will help you through those days when the world seems hell-bent on tearing you down.

This is a quick read that gets straight to the point on every page, helping you to shift your mindset so that you can “win the moment in the moment” every single time.

Written by Chris Ruden and available at independent booksellers and our Amazon store.